train your dog "sit":


Holding a treat in your hand above your dogs head - your dog will

look up. With the other hand push gently down the dogs bottom

into sitting-position. Say "sit" in a clear and firm voice, if the dog

sits give a Mutty Bites treat and praise.


train your dog  "lie down":


Show your dog the Mutty Bites treat. When you have your dogs attention begin to lower the treat slowly towards to the ground between your dogs paws. Your dog will follow your hand



As you lower your hand and the dog lowers its body repeat in a

clear and firm voice "lie down". When your dog has laid all the

way down, once again repeat the words "lie down" and reward

him/her with Mutty Bites treat and give lots of praise.


train your dog "to come":


Stand in front of your dog while he/she is sitting. Take a couple

of steps back and get his/her attention and call out his/her

"name, come, good boy/girl".


Open your arms as you call, most dogs will go towards you and

not away from you. If he/she comes praise and reward your dog

with a Mutty Bites treat. 

Try again and get your distance between you and your dog bigger and bigger.



Every teaching session should be fun, short but often.

Always treat and praise your dog and stop the session on a good "note".





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